Oregon || December 2015

Numb in America

Nepal || September 2015


Fuel Crisis Threatens Hospitals

Cuba || March 2015

Havana, Cuba

La Paladare

Oregon || March 2015

The Shoes

Morocco || April 2014

Willing to Break

Eid al-Adha in Rabat, Morocco

Oregon || 2014

NW Stories: Sheriff Gil Gilbertson

OR Magazine: Breedlove Guitars


We are numb in America.
It will take all of us to change the culture of gun violence in the U.S.


Password: nepal

Short documentary about Basantapur, a neighborhood in Kathmandu that grew stronger after the earthquake of April, 2015.


Password: nepal

Short piece about Nepal's fuel crisis. After Nepal adopted a new constitution, India began an unofficial blockade, cutting off Nepal's only source for fuel.


Highlights from a day in the life of Cubans in Havana.


A Cuban restaurant owner discusses her restaurant's difficulty staying open during Cuba's severa economic depression in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Premiered at the Oregon Lens Festival and broadcast on Oregon Public Broadcasting.


Published by Complex Magazine and World Star Hip Hop, where it received more than 300,000 views.



Short documentary that explores the life of the only veiled breakdancer in Morocco, and her perseverance in a counterculture that is dominated by men.

An excerpt of the film was published by USA Today on October 22, 2015.


An exploration of one of Morocco's most popular holidays.


In Josephine County, a county of 53,000 people, low tax funding has limited the sheriff's office to only three officers.

1st Place - Society of Professional Journalists Student Competition (2015)


A profile of Breedlove Guitars, a guitar shop in Bend, Oregon, for OR Magazine.

1st Place - Columbia Scholastic Press Awards (2014)